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Home Care

Osler Medical Group

Primary Care Practice & Internal Medicine located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t easy for all patients. The medical experts at Osler Medical Group at Heights Medical dedicate themselves to comprehensive care for all and conduct house calls through their home care service program. To learn more about home care and how you can participate in the program, call the office in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, or request an appointment online today.

Home Care Q & A

For Homecare Appointment Request, please contact (201) 426-6554.

What is home care?

Many years ago, most doctors made house calls to check in on their patients. However, over the past 50 years or so, as the number of hospitals increased, most doctors stopped visiting patients at their homes. 

The compassionate primary care team at Osler Medical Group at Heights Medical understands it’s not easy for every patient to get to the office for medical care, and hospital care may be unnecessary. To meet the health care needs of all their patients, the primary care practice can make house calls to treat patients at home. 

Am I a good candidate for home care?

The team at Osler Medical Group at Heights Medical determines if you’re a good candidate for home care during an evaluation. You may be a good candidate for home care if you:

  • Have a disability that impairs your mobility
  • Are unable to get to the office due to lack of transportation
  • Have a chronic health condition that requires ongoing care and monitoring

You may also be a good candidate for home care services if your schedule makes it impossible for you to get to the doctor. 

What can I expect during a home care visit?

You can expect comprehensive care from the team at Osler Medical Group at Heights Medical during your home care visit. The specifics of your care may depend on your personal health needs. 

During your house call, your provider reviews your health concerns and symptoms, medication and supplement use, and your medical history. Your provider also performs a physical exam to assess your general health, which may include:

  • Check of your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Measurement of your body temperature
  • Assessment of your lungs and breathing
  • Evaluation of your ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  • Check of your general appearance
  • Palpation of your internal organs

Your provider may also offer specialized treatments needed, such as updating your prescriptions, administering your immunizations, or treating any specific injury or health issue. Your provider may also recommend other home care services, such as a visiting nurse, home delivery meal program, or a homemaker to assist with cooking and cleaning.

House calls are no longer a thing of the past. To learn more about the home care program at Osler Medical Group at Heights Medical, contact the office by phone or by using the online tool today.